Terms and Conditions for Entering Work to ‘Impressions 2019’

The impressions committee welcomes new approaches and all forms of printmaking from the traditional to the innovative. All forms of original prints will be accepted including works that have print integrated into the work e.g. sculpture, metal work etc.  However, we stipulate that the medium of print must be the originating process and crucial to the finished outcome. For the purpose of this exhibition, the Impressions Committee define ‘an original print’ as an image that is conceived and executed in the medium of print. Reproductions of work already extant in another medium will not be considered e.g. a photographic reproduction of a painting, even if it is signed and numbered in a limited edition.

Process of Entry

  • The adjudicator will select the work to be exhibited in ‘Impressions 2019’ from an open submission of work. His decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into in relation to his selection and choice of award winners.

  • There will be two rounds in the selection process. The initial shortlist selection will be chosen from an online submission on the Impressions website only.

  • To enter, you must complete all sections of the Entry Form and submit an image and details of each work you wish to be considered. Images must be in format and must exceed 3MB. They should be at least 96 dpi and 1920 pixels wide. Incomplete entries or images in other formats cannot be processed.

  • You may submit up to 3 works. There is an entry fee of €10 for each work. You must pay the entry fee online using the PayPal link.

  • The deadline for submitting the digital photographs of your work online is 23:59 (GMT) on Wednesday 8th May 2019. Entries cannot be considered after this date.

  • Successful entrants for round one in the selection process will be notified by email and will be invited to bring the actual work to the exhibition venue in early July. They will be advised about exact times and dates for delivering work.

  • Unsuccessful entrants will also be notified by email.

  • Shortlisted works must be framed and delivered to the Centre for Creative Arts and Media, Galway Mayo Institute of technology (GMIT), Cluain Mhuire Campus, Monivea Road, (Dublin Road Campus).

  • Only works that have been shortlisted in the first round of selection should be delivered to the exhibition venue and only after you have received specific instructions to do so from the Committee.

  • Delivery and collection of work is the responsibility of the artist. Artists must arrange and cover the costs of delivery and removal of their work to and from the exhibition venue. Transportation will not be organised by Impressions and expenses associated with transportation will not be borne by Impressions.

  • If work is delivered by the artist, we request that all wrapping be removed on arrival. If delivered by courier, the wrapping/packaging will be retained for return. Adequate packing is therefore the responsibility of artist and Impressions will not accept liability for damage.

  • All work delivered for the second round must be clearly labelled with the artist’s name, title, medium and price. These must correspond to submission form.

  • All works should be original, signed by the artist and numbered, if made in an edition.

  • The second round of selection process will be made by the adjudicator from the shortlisted work delivered and successful/unsuccessful entrants will be notified by email.

  • All work selected for the second round should be delivered and ready for exhibition. The use of simple, neutral coloured frames is strongly encouraged. Metal, glass and Perspex clip frames are not acceptable. We strongly recommend against prints being submitted unframed unless another form of presentation is integral to the work e.g. an artist’s book, an installation, the scale of the work etc. In these cases, please indicate on the application form the nature of the presentation and if you will be available to install the piece yourself. Please supply detailed information such as space requirements so we can give ample consideration to how and if it can be displayed within the restrictions of this exhibition.

  • During the selection and installation process all works undergo considerable handling and moving. While every care will be taken to avoid damage, framing and presentation should be such as to withstand normal rigours of handling and display. In the event that you choose to submit an unframed work, it will be strictly at your own risk.

  • While all care will be taken in the installation of unusual work, the committee does not accept responsibility for accidental damage or misplacement. It is strongly recommended, with work of this nature, that the artist install the work him/herself.

  • Unframed or large-scale works will be considered as ‘installations’ and the above will apply.

  • The exhibition will run 15th to 23rd July to coincide with Galway International Arts Festival (GIAF) and is included in the GIAF programme.

  • All entrants to Impressions Exhibition will receive an invitation to the Opening Reception, which takes place in the Centre for Creative Arts and Media, GMIT in co-ordination with other events of GIAF.

  • Works that comprise more than one part must be clearly identified as one work.

Inadmissible Work

The following types of work are inadmissible:

  • Works that are over 200cm in height

  • Printed reproductions of original works

  • Works that contain noxious or toxic substances, have flammability below 50°C, contain human tissue, or incorporate dangerous electrical appliances. Note: all electrical appliances must be accompanied by current PAT test certification.

 Collection of Work

  • Artists whose work was selected for the second round but not hung in the final Exhibition will be notified by email with times and dates for collecting their work.

  • No Work(s) that has been accepted and displayed at the Exhibition may be removed prior to the close of the Exhibition.

  • At the close of the Exhibition all works that are exhibited must be collected from the exhibition venue. Artists will be advised by email of times and dates for collection. Work be collected during the time and dates specified.

  • GMIT, Impressions or any of their agents will not be responsible for works not collected on the due dates. Impressions arrangement with GMIT is for use of the building for the duration of the exhibition only and there are no facilities for storage of works after those dates. In that case Work(s) will be deemed to have been abandoned by You and GMIT or Impressions shall be entitled, without notifying You, to dispose of such Work(s) in whatever way is deemed expedient.

  • If any Work(s) that has been sold has not been removed by the Purchaser on the final collection date for exhibited works, you will arrange for the Work(s) to be collected from CCAM, GMIT Cluain Mhuire Campus otherwise You will be responsible for any transportation/storage costs.


  • There will be a range of sponsored prizes. Details of which will be given on the ‘Impressions’ website when they are finalised.

  • The adjudicator will choose the prize winners. It will be at his discretion to award, withhold or divide prizes.

  • In the case of ‘Purchase Prizes’, the work becomes the property of the sponsor and the artist will receive the full list price (no commission will be taken).

Sales Procedure

  • You will be required to state the price you wish to charge for your work on your Entry Form. This price cannot be changed once submitted.

  • The sale of work during the exhibition will supersede any private sale

  • The sale of any Work(s) exhibited in the Exhibition by You (including all prints from an edition allocated for sale) will be subject to a payment of 30% commission (“the Commission”) to Impressions.

  • All prices stated on the form should include ‘Impressions’ commission of 30%

  • The Commission will be taken by Impressions in the form of a deposit (“”) equal to the Commission.

  • If work is not for sale, please enter NFS on the entry form with insurance value in brackets e.g. NFS (€200)

  • Commission payments received by Impressions will be used to finance future print exhibitions and prizes.

  • Deposits for any work for sale will be taken in person at the Impressions sales desk only.

  • For the purposes of any sale of Your Work(s), Impressions role is strictly limited to introducing the Purchaser to You. The Committee does not have any authority to negotiate or conclude the sale of Your Work(s). All sales of Work(s) shall be subject to the terms of sale You put in place between You and the Purchaser.

  • When a Purchaser pays his/her Deposit to Impressions in respect of any Work(s) for sale, this Deposit constitutes an offer by the Purchaser to purchase the Work(s) in question (“”).

  • You will be informed of the offer to purchase via email. You must then arrange balance of payment between you and the purchaser.

  • Impressions will provide the Purchaser’s details (including their personal data) to you for the purposes of completing and fulfilling the purchase. You hereby agree to comply with all relevant data protection regulations in respect of such personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulations which came into force in 2018 together with the Data Protection Act 2018. Please note that Impressions will not have obtained any consent for You to send marketing or other material, whether electronic or otherwise to the Purchaser and you should obtain such consent if You wish to contact the Purchaser in the future.

  • If the sale is not concluded for any reason as a result of a default under the contract between You and the Purchaser, you shall have no claim to the Deposit. Impressions reserves the right to retain the Deposit as its Commission.

  • Any disputes relating to a sale of Your Work(s) shall be resolved directly between You and the respective Purchaser without the Committee’s involvement.

  • On receipt to you of the balance payment from the purchaser you must email Impressions if the purchaser will be collecting the work directly from CCAM at the end of the exhibition. Work(s) will not be released by Impressions without confirmation from you by email that the purchase has been completed and we have received instructions from you to release the work to the buyer.

  • If you have not received full payment from the purchaser, and you choose to release the work to the potential buyer this will be strictly at Your own risk.

  • When selling a print from an edition, it shall be made available to the Purchaser promptly after the completion of the sale.

  • Purchasers shall be contacted promptly to complete the sale of the work and the Purchaser must be kept fully informed of the progress of the sale.



Further Terms and Conditions of Entry to ‘Impressions’ and Sale of Your Work

Impressions is a non-profit committee formed for the promotion of innovative and best print-making practice in Ireland.

For information requests, please contact us at: impressionsbiennial@gmail.com

These Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) apply to your entry of one or more artworks (“the Work(s)”) in Impressions Biennial Open Submission Exhibition (“the Exhibition”) and the facilitation of the sale of your Work(s) either during or after the Exhibition.

‘Impressions’ and ‘the Committee’ refers to the organisers of the exhibition.

GMIT, its staff and agents have no connection with Impressions other than generously lending Impressions the use of the building for the duration.

The Exhibition will take place in GMIT, Centre for Creative Arts and Media. Cluain Mhuire Campus, Monivea Road, Galway and will run from the 15th to the 28th July 2019 to coincide with the Galway International Arts Festival.

“You” and “Your” shall refer to the person submitting the Work(s) and potentially selling the submitted Work(s). Please read these Terms carefully before completing Your entry form (“the Entry Form”) as they will form the contract between You and Impressions Committee.

2. Entry Form and Price

2.1 Your Entry Form must be completed and submitted by You strictly in accordance with The Instructions for Entering (“the Instructions”) which can be found above. Failure to do this will mean that the Work(s) submitted under the Entry Form is inadmissible and will be withdrawn from the selection process for the Exhibition.

2.2 The entry fee is non-refundable even if your work is not selected or if you choose to withdraw from the selection process at any stage

3. Who May Enter Work for Impressions?

You may submit Work(s) to the Exhibition if:

 You are the Artist or creator of the Work(s), or You are expressly authorised as a gallery, agent or other representative to submit the Work(s) on behalf of the Artist or are expressly authorised by the estate of a deceased Artist to do so. If you are so authorised, you agree to be bound by these Terms and assume the liabilities set out in these Terms.

4. Ownership and Submission of Work

4.1 You must ensure that each submitted Work(s) conforms to all applicable health and safety standards and regulations. You agree to indemnify GMIT, Impressions, its staff and visitors to the Exhibition for any loss, damage, cost or expense which results or arises from a breach of such standards and regulations.

4.2 By submitting Your Work(s), You confirm that the Work(s) is in a condition to withstand normal rigours of handling and display.

4.3 By submitting Your Work(s), You confirm that the Work(s) is free and clear of any liens, claims, encumbrances or restrictions, that the use of the Work(s) under these Terms will not infringe upon or violate the rights of any person or entity, and that to the best of Your knowledge and belief the Work(s) has not been exported from any country and shall not be imported into the Irish Republic in violation of any applicable laws or regulations.

4.4 If You do not own all of the rights, title and interest in to the Work(s), You must expressly inform Impressions in writing of all relevant details concerning all other third parties’ rights to the Work(s). You shall indemnify Impressions against all losses, liabilities, costs and expenses in respect of claims made by third parties alleging partial or total ownership of the Work(s) or any rights in the Work(s), including intellectual property rights.

4.5 If You are submitting Work(s) from abroad then taxes may be levied at the port of entry into ROI. You will not list Impressions as the importer of the Work(s). You agree to indemnify Impressions for any charges or taxes incurred as a result of the importing of the Work(s) for the purposes of display in the Exhibition.

5. Refusal of or Withdrawal of Work by Impressions

5.1 The Committee may accept or decline any Work(s) submitted for the Exhibition entirely at its own discretion. The Committee’s decision is final.

5.2 The Committee reserves the right to deny admission or withdraw a Work(s) from the Exhibition if for any reason the Work(s), or any circumstances surrounding the display of the Work(s), appears to the Committee to expose it to potential or actual damage to its reputation, risk of legal proceedings or enforcement including, without limitation, the alleged breach of third party intellectual property rights.

6. Online Access

 While Impressions endeavours to ensure that the Website is available 24 hours a day, the Committee will not be liable if for any reason the Website is unavailable in part or whole at any time or for any period including, without limitation, during the last 24 hours before the submission deadline. Access to the Website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance, repair or for reasons beyond the Committee’s control.



7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 By submitting Work(s), You confirm that either You or the Artist hold all intellectual property rights in the Work(s) and that You or the Artist have obtained any third-party consents required for the use of third party owned material contained in the Work(s).

7.2 By submitting a Work(s), You consent to Impressions and its Committee:

7.2.1 taking an image of, filming or making available the whole or any part of the Work(s), including but not limited to the right to include the Work(s) in any broadcast (and rebroadcast) by any broadcaster (including RTE) and any licensees of any broadcaster;

7.2.2 filming, broadcasting and/or reproducing the whole or any part of the Work(s) for archival, educational, publicity and marketing (including without limitation on the Website, Exhibition posters, leaflets, private view cards, postcards and all forms of social media), press, signage, gallery guide and for catalogue purposes;

7.2.3 Reproducing the whole or any part of the image(s) which You have supplied to us for the purposes set out above.

7.3 The consent set out in Clause 7.2 is irrevocable and given without payment of any fee or royalty and includes consent to make available the Work(s) in all media (including without limitation all forms of electronic and social media) for perpetuity and on a world-wide basis.

7.4 By submitting a Work(s), You agree that members of the public will be allowed to take photographs of the Work(s) (alone or in combination with other works) for personal and non-commercial use during the Exhibition period. Impressions will install notices in the Exhibition indicating that photography is permitted provided it is for personal and non-commercial use. Impressions will not be responsible if any such images of the Work(s) are exploited commercially in violation of the permission given, and in such circumstances,  it is up to the Artist and/or You to defend Your intellectual property rights in the Work(s).

8. Limitation of Liability

8.1 Except as provided in this Clause 8, Impressions shall have no liability to You or the Artist whatsoever for any loss of business or profits, loss or damage to reputation, or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage of whatever nature, howsoever caused, whether occurring in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise arising out of or in connection with the Exhibition.

8.2 Impressions shall not be liable for any deterioration or wear and tear to the Work(s), or any loss, damage or destruction (including damage to frames) through the ordinary course of handling the Work(s) whether included in the Exhibition or not.

8.3 Subject to clause 8.2, Impressions will only be liable for damage to a Work(s) to the extent that such damage arises while the Work(s) is in the care, custody and control of Impressions, which is only while the Work(s) is in GMIT, Cluain Mhuire Campus. If You suspect any such damage, you must notify Impressions before the Work(s) is collected otherwise Impressions will not be liable for any such damage.

8.4 Nothing in these Terms shall have the effect of limiting or excluding either party’s liability to the other for death or personal injury caused by its own negligence or caused by its fraud (including fraudulent misrepresentation).

8.5 Subject to Clause 8.4, the entire liability of Impressions arising out of or in connection with the Exhibition, whether in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise, shall not exceed:

8.5.1 the value of the Work(s) as stated on the Entry Form or

8.5.2 the value of the Work(s) determined in accordance with the valuation process set out in Clause 8.6, and in either case, if the Work(s) is for sale, less the amount representing Impressions’ commission and any posting and packaging costs.

8.6 If Impressions disputes the value of the Work(s) or the amount of the damage to the Work(s), the dispute as to the value or the amount shall be referred, independently of any issue as to liability, to an expert independent valuer to be chosen by Impressions provided that the valuer’s determination shall not exceed Impressions’ maximum liability in accordance with Clause 8.5. The valuer shall act as an expert and not an arbitrator. The valuer’s decision shall be final and shall be conclusive evidence of the value of the Work(s) or the amount of the damage to the Work(s). The valuer’s costs will be borne equally between Impressions and You. You shall not be entitled to begin or maintain any action in respect of any damage until the valuer has made a decision in accordance with this clause as to the value of the damage and such action shall then be only for the amount determined by the valuer, again subject to Impressions’ maximum liability.

9. Third Parties

No third party shall have any rights under or in relation to the Terms.

10. Force Majeure

For the purposes of these Terms, a Force Majeure Event means an event beyond the reasonable control of Impressions including but not limited to strikes, failure of a utility service or transport network, act of God, terrorism, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm or default of suppliers or subcontractors. Impressions shall not be liable to You under these Terms as a result of a Force Majeure Event


11. Severance

If a court or any other competent authority finds that any provision of the Terms (or part of any provision) is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed deleted, and the validity and enforceability of the other Terms shall not be affected.

12. Entire Agreement

These Terms contain the whole agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter of this agreement at the date hereof to the exclusion of any terms implied by law which may be excluded by contract. Each of the parties agrees that it has not entered into these Terms in reliance on any representation, warranty, undertaking or other statement, expressed or implied, orally or in writing, given or made by or on behalf of the other party except in so far as contained in these Terms. This clause shall not apply to any representation, warranty, undertaking or statement made fraudulently or which was induced by fraud.

13. Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and the contract of which they form part shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Irish law. Any disputes arising in relation to these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Ireland.


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